next stop…Liverpool…Everyman Theatre…


Having arrived  in Liverpool on Thursday, I realized that I had never visited this city before… I was so excited that my first big concert in the UK would be in Liverpool, where the Beatles grew up,from their humble beginnings to the dizzy heights of  fame and fortune … everywhere I walked I could almost hear their music in my head, it was wonderful! I never knew Liverpool has so many beautiful things in the city.. and the people absolutely lovely.. and I just can’t not comment on how I really like their accent, i find it really unique and adorable.

A very busy 2-3 days ahead with radio interviews and preparations-

Come Sunday.. we had our final rehearsal and then of course I went into my silent mode, no speaking, only sign language for those who needed to talk to me, and thank goodness for ipads, where you can open you note pad and write whatever it is you need, during your moments of silent before getting on stage to perform:) I had a wonderful team to help me get pampered and ready, and was lovey l working with Andrew Collinge Salon, they were truly great to work with. Thank you guys!

The Everyman Theatre, a beautiful, cozy and yet dynamic venue. perfect for the occasion. It was a wonderful evening- thank you to all of you who supported the concert and were a part of World Encephalitis Day. You were a wonderful audience to perform to, both in the Everyman Theatre and the people watching the concert Live Stream on the web.

…and now back in London… resting my voice.,, ready to continue my album recordings on Friday and Saturday.. #excitingtimes

Love Aliki x


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