World Encephalitis Day 2018

No wonder people call it a “THIEF”… it steals peoples destroys them…no one expects it to happen…but it does… only 2 people out of 10 know what it is…

At first sight people thought I was going crazy… the professionals said “its psychological”… they said “ Oh she must be undergoing a stressful period, its nothing”… everything in my tests seemed absolutely clear…normal…my own brain was playing games with me… In an instant everything changed … everything i knew, everything I learned was taken away from me… forgotten… lost..I felt so alone… alone in what seemed like a bubble… where I could watch myself from the outside/in… “ can anyone still see Me? its still the real me.” I didn’t anymore… who was I?

Here I am today leaving my past behind and feeling blessed and lucky to have overcome this devastating condition, the inflammation of my brain, called Encephalitis.I am fortunate to have been loved and supported by people around me that never lost their faith and their belief! I am with a smile on my face to be myself again, to know who I am, to do what i love doing the most, lucky to have my beautiful little boy whom I am sharing this very special day today WORLD ENCEPHALITIS DAY.
Today we have reach out to 1.8 million people!
Proud to be one of the ambassadors for this amazing team, the Encephalitis Society.Please help us raise awareness of this terrible condition that affects 500,000 people every year. Let us support the work that this great team is working on day in and day out! Help the individuals and the families that are suffering from this. Help the people who are going through Encephalitis, undiagnosed and untreated!
Each day is a gift! We should wake up every day and realize that!

Love Aliki x


Proud of my little man raising awareness for WED!

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