17 July 2019 & 18 July 2019

The number 1 pop opera group in the world will host two exclusive concerts in Limassol Municipal Garden Theatre, taking the audience on a journey guided by music. Soprano Aliki will open the two performances, welcoming the Cypriot audience to the concert and offering an amazing experience with her timeless interpretations and her magical voice.

IL DIVO-TIMELESS TOUR in Cyprus for 2 exclusive concerts. 17th and 18th of July in Limassol Municipal Garden Theatre.
An unforgettable experience awaits the Cypriot Audience.

Book your tickets now at: https://shop.tickethour.com/en/showEventInfo.html?idEvent=2937&fbclid=IwAR19Eean2P9g47KvF_tRuv8I588NF1s_X5Rh6nir-3J4bM2DntDi3mHJZV8


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